About us

Stonescape Heavy Equipment is a member of the Stonescape family of companies located on approximately 10 acres in Shelby Township on the south side of 22 Mile Road between Shelby and Ryan roads. This company provides complete car, truck, trailer, semi and construction equipment repair and maintenance. Stonescape Heavy Equipment delivers mechanic experience, capacity, new technology and convenience value. There are 5 hoists including a 20 ton drive-on hoist with a recently acquired state of the art alignment machine. We have advanced scanners that can scan cars to full size semis. Services include annual vehicle inspections for your trucks, trailers and construction equipment, annual vehicle maintenance (oil change, lube, filters, etc.) to full engine and transmission repairs and replacements, dump box repairs, brakes and front end alignments.

 Stonescape is proud of its customer satisfaction rating and associated awards. We invite you to experience Stonescape Heavy Equipment and the value it can provide you.